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chains_in_line chains_in_round

Chain 12 and join with a
slip stitch to form a ring.

First bead in first round Take the hook between the front half
and back half of the first chain
to begin a single crochet stitch.
Pull up the last bead you have previously strung,
snug next to the hook and chains.
First yarnover Take the hook and yarnover behind
the bead and pull up a loop.
Now there should be two loops on the hook
and the bead should be attached to the chain foundation.

Most crochet pattern instructions use "yo"
for yarnover.

Second yarnover Make a second yarnover, pull up a loop,
completing a single crochet stitch.
The bead is only worked in the first yarnover,
the second yarnover is a standard finish
of a single crochet stitch.
First round complete Continue for all 12 stitches.
You should have one bead in
each of 12 stitches around.


First round finished.

First bead in second round For the next round do not join with a slip stitch.
Continue with single crochet stitches and
the bead being added in the first yarnover.
Take the hook under the stitch half
setting next to the hole in the center.
You are actually going between the front half
and back half of the stitch,
you just can’t see the front half
because it is hidden.
First yo First yo done.
Second yo Second yo done.


Continue and finish the second round with 12 stitches
and one bead in each stitch.

First bead in third round Bring up a bead to begin the third round.

Continue working, adding a bead in each stitch
until you run out of beads.

Then you will need to fasten off and
string more beads to continue or
stitch in the fastened off thread
and keep the rope piece as a sample.

See below for "Fasten Off" instructions and
"Adding Thread on Pre-strung Beads" instructions.

First yo First yo done.
Second yo Second yo done.
Third round complete Third round finished; 12 stitches




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